What we offer to all our users

Full shell access on our Linux servers, which includes…

  • Full net access at 100Mbit
  • 50 MBs of file space
  • IRC access using clients
  • Irssi / Weechat / Ekg2 / Epic
  • IRC Bots and bouncers ARE NOT available unless you become an elite member
  • Web Hosting on our domain
  • Email address
  • PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, Tcl
  • MYSQL databases
  • bash/csh/tcsh/fish/etc… shells
  • access to compiling tools, GCC,make etc…
  • Anonymous web access using TOR
  • Access to I2P and TOR networks
  • SSH tunnels ARE NOT available without a donation
  • Anything else can be installed at request (within reason!)